Manteca Jr. Buffaloes Football and Cheer is an organization that has been founded to provide local youth with an organized and safe football and cheer leading program. The focus of our organization is not only to instruct the basics and fundamentals of football and cheer but to also teach fair play, teamwork, and aid in the development of good character. We strive to provide our youth, coaches, and family members the opportunity to participate in activities that promote physical and emotional growth. Participants will benefit from our organization by learning important skills that will help in their transition from youth football and cheer to the high school level.

At the Rookie Level the stress is on having fun and making sure that the children learn the fundamentals of football from a 3 point stands to the ways to tackle correctly.

With a greater emphasis on winning than the Rookie level, the main focus at the Pee Wee level is still on having fun and development of the basic skills of football.

At the Junior Varsity Level the stress is on having fun and putting the finishing touches on the fundamentals of the game. While still learning the game and having fun, this level is geared to teach and enjoy.

With a large emphasis on having fun, the main focus of the Varsity level is to prepare the children to get ready to play at the high school level. To refine the skills learned in the previous levels and to teach the children the intricacies of football.